Our Motto is "For The Serious Modeler" .

By this, we don't necessarily mean the Master Modeler or the accomplished scratch-builder. What we mean is the modeler who wants to produce the most realistic, and prototypically correct model. Although our finished kits look like museum quality models, they don't take that level of skill to achieve that quality. We will not take the normal short cuts or try and produce a model per week. We do our best to take the tedious work out and leave the fun and pride in the project. You will find " Accu-Guides " to help you align some parts. Slots and tabs are engineered to 1 / 1000 of an inch. We use only the best of materials, no cardboard or paper. We attempt to build the model out of the same material as the prototype. Our corbels are cut from wood and as close to prototype as possible. The parts we produce for our kits are also available as individual parts. We are asked quite often to produce custom parts and castings, which we gladly do for the "Serious Modeler" .

When we find a prototype we want to model, we go to the prototype, take dozens of pictures, dimensions, and look for the unusual aspects of the prototype. When we get back to the shop, we draw up the plans in detail on the computer. Each individual part is drawn to scale in detail. When we are satisfied that the drawing is accurate, we cut two of the model on the laser. Then two of us build the model independently, making notes as we go. If we find that a part doesn't fit, we make a note and change it on the computer. When we both have our model done, we sit down and compare notes on building our model. By doing this, we discover potential trouble spots and correct them. We then cut two more models with corrections and build these. If there are any discrepancies, we go through the whole process again. Until we are satisfied and happy with the model, no production model is produced.

When we need a part for a model, unless the part matches the prototype, we don't use a commercially available part. We cast our own part. If we dont like the part, you dont get it. We take as much pride in our kits as you will have in your finished model.

E-mail: modeltec@gte.net

Phone: 800-264-9845

7289 Westfield Road
Medina, Ohio 44256