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Why promote your rail business at TrainWeb?

  • Exposure Throughout The TrainWeb Community Of Web Sites:

    As a TrainWeb Sponsor, your clickable banner ad will appear in rotation throughout the TrainWeb community over 5,000 times per month! Not only will it appear on almost every page at TrainWeb, but it will also appear on the live webcam pages, on the home page of over 150 independent railroad web sites in the TrainWeb WebRing and on the home page of well over 100 railroad web sites operated by individuals and non-profit organizations hosted on the TrainWeb server!

    The most popular feature at TrainWeb is our live railroad action webcams. Since inception in late 1997, over 4,000,000 images have been viewed from these webcams! Our most popular webcam is TrainWeb WebCam #1 which updates every 10 seconds. A new clickable banner is displayed with each new image. Display of your banner is counted only when someone is actually viewing the webcam page with your banner. The counts and visits are not incremented when there are no visitors actively on the page. Click here now to visit our most popular webcam or click here to view our entire set of webcams.

    Almost every page at TrainWeb displays 3 clickable banners at the top of each page. The upper left banner of these 3 clickable banners is reserved for TrainWeb Sponsors. Your clickable banner will be displayed in rotation with our other sponsors. With the number of visitors and pages viewed at TrainWeb each month, your banner will be seen well over 5,000 times each month!

    As a service to the rail community, TrainWeb hosts over 100 web sites for free that are operated by individuals and non-profit organizations. All that we ask in return is that they display the clickable banners of the TrainWeb Sponsors on their home page. Thus, your banner will also be seen on these other web sites hosted on the TrainWeb server! For links to these other web sites, click here.

    TrainWeb operates a "WebRing" of railroad related web sites. Your clickable banner will also appear in rotation on the home page of over 150 independent railroad web sites in the TrainWeb WebRing! Click here for a current list of the web sites in the TrainWeb WebRing.

  • Your Web Address:

    Your web address should be "YourBusinessName".com . That is what people will assume your web address to be when they look for you on the internet.

    If you are already set up with that web address, then you are fine! You can keep your web hosting with the service provider that you are currently using, or as a TrainWeb Sponsor, we will host your web site at no additional charge!

    If you are not using "YourBusinessName".com but would like to, we can set you up with that web address if it is available. If that web address is no longer available, you can use "YourBusinessName".zq.com instead if you wish. When you use a ".zq.com" web address, you do not pay any registration nor annual fees for your URL !

  • Additional Domain Names:

    In addition to placing your web site at a web address that reflects the name of your business, it would also be very beneficial if you had links to your web site from every generic web address on the internet that relates to your business.

    At $70 per web address for the first 2 years and $35 per year thereafter, attempting to obtain every web address related to your business could be a costly initial investment and a significant annual expenditure!

    TrainWeb has already taken care of this at no additional cost to you! We have obtained every rail related domain name that we could think of that we believe to be of value to the rail community. As a TrainWeb Sponsor, direct or indirect links to your web site will be added to each domain that directly relates to your business. Click here to view a list of these web addresses.

  • Rail Magazine Advertising:

    Advertising in rail related magazines is critically important to generating sales! Do not make the mistake of thinking that having a web page will substitute for normal magazine advertising!

    Having a web site is a wonderful supplement to print advertising. You can tell potential customers much more about your products that you could ever fit into a printed advertisement. You can also use full color photos for everything that you wish to promote and even use video clips with sound or 360x360 immersion photos to enhance your product presentation! Your web site can allow your potential customers to securely place an order for your products right online! This is great for impulse buying! The customer does not have to pick up the phone nor have to mail in any forms or checks.

    To enhance your sales, continue or increase your amount of magazine advertising, but make sure that you change your ad copy to include your web address! This is an extremely important step that many vendors leave out! Print and web promotion work wonderful together, but you will lose most of the advantages of each if you do not place your web address in your print advertisements!

  • Greatly Increased Rail Magazine Exposure:

    TrainWeb is running 1/4 page ads, many in color, in over two dozen rail related magazines. This brings visitors to our web site and we send many of those visitors to your web site! Click here for a list of these magazines.

    It is essential that you run your own ads WITH YOUR WEB ADDRESS in as many magazines related to your business as you can afford. However, it is difficult for most businesses to run ads simultaneously in a large number of rail magazines. As a TrainWeb Sponsor, your exposure is increased by our ads in those magazines in which you can not afford to place your own ads. Do keep in mind: web promotion is a good supplement to print advertising and not a replacement for it!

  • Why do so many people visit TrainWeb and view so many web pages at TrainWeb?

    TrainWeb offers a unique and comprehensive set of rail resources found on no other rail related site on the web. Although many sites offer some of these features, none come close to the scope and magnitude of what can be found at TrainWeb.

    Although we'd like to take full credit for this, we really can not fairly do that. Our efforts at TrainWeb have been extensive, but the comprehensive nature of this site has been largely achieved through the efforts of over 100 independent webmasters who have their web sites hosted on the TrainWeb server. These web sites cover almost every aspect of rail imagineable! In some cases these web sites have been provided by a non-profit rail organization, but in most cases they are web sites built by these webmasters just so they could share their rail interests, photos and information with the rest of us in the online rail community!

    Some of the features that TrainWeb itself provides that attract members of the rail community to the TrainWeb site include: photos, video clips, 360x360 virtual reality immersion photos, travelogues, forums, classified ads, a search engine, free e-mail at RRmail.com ...

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TrainWeb Reports & Web Sites: Featured Today! Previously Featured Slideshows Highlighted Past The Big Stories Directory
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