Stardancer Yacht

Photos of Stardancer, the yacht that I used to own.
This yacht was sold in the late 1990's.

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This is the "StarDancer" yacht.

This is another view of the "StarDancer". The StarDancer was kept on an end tie at Newport Dunes Resort Marina.

This is a view of the main inside bridge showing all the electronic equipment including radar, and loran.

This is another view of the main inside bridge showing additional electronic equipment such as the automatic plotter that shows the exact position of the boat on a set of maps as it travels.

This is a view of the headliner above the main inside bridge showing the radio, depth finder and P.A./horn.

This is the kitchen/bar on the yacht.

Another view of the kitchen area showing the table and full-size refrigerator.

This is a view of the living room on the yacht.

This is the slip leading down to the yacht, which is at the very end.

Here is a view off the back of the yacht of the Newport Dunes Resort Marina area.

This is the top bridge on the yacht.

Simple enough for a child! Jodina and I on the top bridge.

This is me sitting on the rear deck while underway.

And this is me again, up at the front end while underway.

In dry dock shortly after we first purchased the yacht.

Not shown is the main stateroom with its own private head and shower. Also not shown is an additional head for guests, including bath and shower. In addition to the main stateroom is a guest stateroom. The two staterooms will sleep 4 and the bridge and living room can convert to additional sleeping quarters to sleep another 4 people. Thus, the yacht can easily accomodate 8 people on an overnight trip.

For daytime use, the yacht has a large top-side deck. We've had parties with more than 50 people on board and have heard that the prior owner of the yacht has had parties of as many as 100 on board! The yacht has life jackets on board for 50 people including sizes for children. There is also a 12 foot tender with power motor and oars that hangs from the davets off the back of the yacht.

There is a complete kitchen on board with range, oven, microwave, full-size refrigerator/freezer, running hot and cold water and trash compactor.

Two brand new 350 horsepower engines were installed, plus a very powerful ac/dc generator for producing all the power needed on board.

A pool, spa, excersize room, cable TV to the yacht, and many other ammenities were provided by Newport Dunes to the marina yacht tenants.