Views From Steve's Home

Photos of the views from my home.

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Views out the window of my office at home. The tallest snow covered mountain is Mt. Baldy. The empty green space between the homes is the Anaheim Hills Golf Course.

Here you can see the corrals of the Anaheim Hills Saddle Club right below my home to the south. If you look carefully at the bottom of the first photo to the left, you can see 2 horses in the corral.

These are just a few more views from my home to the south and the east. The hills of Anaheim Hills surround my home on those sides.

Evening views from my home.

My home is in a development of tract homes in Anaheim Hills. It is a very nice home, but still a tract home none the less.

If you have ever been trained as a real estate agent, you will know you are suppose to show your client 5 or 6 homes and then help them to decide between them. I think I would have driven most real estate agents nuts when I went looking for a new home back in 1986. I had my checklist of features that I wanted and a price range that I was looking in. Before I found the home I wanted, I had our real estate agent show me over 100 homes! I was so pleased with the time he had devoted to this effort that I tried to refer a friend to him a couple of years later. Unfortunately, he left the real estate business and was driving tractor-trailors back east. I guess if you are willing to spend enough time with each potential buyer to show them 100 homes, you just can't make it in real estate!

Once I had seen a couple of homes in the neighborhood where I am living now, I was convinced that this is where I wanted to live. The homes were the right size and most of the homes had a superb view. The price was even artificially low for resales because a new phase was currently being built and sold. Home resales had to compete with brand new homes from the builder.

We purchased this home in the Spring of 1986, but because of difficulties in qualifying for financing, it took us until September to finally close the deal and move in. But, it was worth every bit of the wait! We have the size of home that we like (a little over 3,000 s.f.), the privacy of being set back on a long driveway at the end of a cul de sac, and superb views in every direction!

As you can see from the photos, we can see the snow capped mountains to the north of us (on clear days) and the rolling green foothills in front of the mountains. We can see the green of the Anaheim Hills Golf Course that is really close to us, and we can see the Anaheim Hills Saddle Club with the horses grazing in their corrals just below us. To the south and east, we can see the ridgeline of Anaheim Hills. If I walk to the top of the ridgeline, I can see all of Orange County all the way to the shore of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of Catalina Island beyond. On a few really clear days, especially after the rare rainstorms, we can see the skyline of Los Angeles.

One item that I really like is that I can enjoy much of this view all day since I work mostly from home and the mountains can be seen out my home office window.

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