Amtrak Desert Wind

Trip Highlights - Train #35 & #36

From Amtrak's 1997 Travel Planner

Photographs, travelogues, accommodations, and other information about train travel on the Amtrak Desert Wind route.

Scenic Highlights:

WHETHER YOU PREFER THE dazzling mountain beauty and winter excitement of ski resorts in Utah and Colorado or the dazzling manmade beauty and year-round entertainment of Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the Desert Wind is the train to take you there.

From Chicago to Salt Lake City, the Desert Wind travels the same route as the California Zephyr -- through the same magnificent scenery. But between the starry nights of the Great Salt Desert and the bright lights of Los Angeles, the Desert Wind carves a path all its own -- through a vividly beautiful landscape of dry rivers, wind-blown sand, craggy rocks, and remarkable desert colors.

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