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Bridging the Past with the Future
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FMRHS Photo, Fullerton Railroad Days 2000 Booth

Photo: Arthur Lloyd. Source: Donald Duke's "Santa Fe: The Railroad Gateway To The American West"Bridging the Past with the Future

Who we are

The Fullerton Model Railroad Historical Society (FMRHS) is a non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to preserving our local rail and historical heritage.  A committee of the Fullerton Railway Plaza Association, our future goal is to design and construct an operating museum-quality historical model railroad layout, which will ultimately be housed in the proposed FRPA museum, located next to the Fullerton train depot.  This exhibit will be designed to give maximum access and education to the public through use of FMRHS volunteers.
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Core Values

Photo courtesy of TrainWebOrganizational Activities

What We Do

Currently, we are constructing a portable HO scale display with accompanying photos depicting Fullerton during the 1940s and 1950s.  The initial in-progress display is exhibited at Fullerton Railroad Days.  Further expansion of this display to a larger operating layout is planned with other exhibitions to take place throughout the Southland.

We meet at the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce building every month on the fourth Tuesday at 7:00 PM.  Come join us!

Fullerton Chamber of Commerce, 219 E.Commonwealth in Fullerton. 
Located between Harbor and Lemon on the North Side of Commonwealth. 
Enter through side (east door of building). Parking is at the rear of the building

Current ActivitiesPhoto courtesy of TrainWeb

The FMRHS is constructing an historically accurate model railroad layout focused on Southern California, with special emphasis on Orange County and Fullerton.  This photo shows the scale model of the Fullerton depot that will be a focal point of the layout.  Be sure to stop by our booth at Fullerton Railroad Days (May 5th & 6th, 2001 at the Fullerton Depot) to see our plans and initial efforts.  (Click here for more on Fullerton RR days.)  The booth will contain a scale model display of the Fullerton depot area- circa 1950, along with a photo gallery of vintage scenes of Fullerton and the railroads of the region.

These activities are supported by ongoing historical research.
To see how you can help, click here.

Membership & Meeting Information

Who Can Join

Our membership is open to ANYBODY!
We have members with some of the following interests...

How to Join or Attend a Meeting

Membership in the FMRHS requires a membership in the Fullerton Railway Plaza Asociation.
If you are interested in joining our group, or wish to attend a meeting, please contact:

Rick Bremer, Membership Coordinator, at 714-990-1394, or email: anim8sd@aol.com.


Larry Boerio, FMRHS Chairperson, at 714-995-1855, or  email: larrybemail@yahoo.com.

General Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce.
Please see "What We Do" section above, for directions. The meetings are open to any prospective member; we recommend you contact either Rick or Larry to let us know your interests and to confirm the meeting date when you plan to attend.

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